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At Website Wizards we offer full service website design, installation and configuration of all the major platforms from the most basic to Ecommerce solutions. No mater is you prefer to work with a website template or have something a little more customized we have the skills to get you up and running.

Please see the below information of the two primary paths to setting up your next website and determine which is right for you. If you have questions on this or any other aspect to your website design needs please reach out to us at any time.

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Home Of The 0/50/50 Plan:

$0 Down Payment:
Money Down 0%
50% Payment:
Mid-Project 50%
50% Payment:
Before Project Complete 50%
Customer Satisfaction:
Guaranteed 100%
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Template Design:

Website templates are fully compiled websites that are packaged and ready to be edited for individual use. They can be fully customized to meet individual needs and are coded on all major website platforms. A website template has all the basic coding completed which makes it a far easier and affordable approach to installing a website.

When contracting us to setup and install a website template, we start by working with you to find the perfect platform and website that will fit all your business needs. We work with the industry leaders in template designs and have a well-established relationship with them going back over ten years. We know their templates inside and out and have contract support with them incase problems arise.

There are hundreds of thousands of website templates which allow for complete customizing of the code, colors, images and formatting of the website. Over 90% of our website building work comes from customers who choose to work with a template in order to save a good deal of money. Website templates have a onetime fee to buy the template and are then good for the lifetime of your business or website. There is no lease or rental agreement, once you buy the template it becomes yours to edit and use for as long as you like.

Website templates come with a demo feature which allows you to try out the overall look and feel of the website before committing to buying it which is an advantage to having someone custom build a website. The demo is in effect the actual website in all aspect but missing your data and images. This gives you a complete understanding of how the website will function on all levels.

Custom Design:

While a custom website can offer the most exclusive and catered to fit of all website designs it can also be the most costly depending on your needs and various services you plan to have. Custom website creation is a must have for large businesses who need massive employee or client interaction via the website or those who seek to have their website interact with various servers within the business itself such as SQL databases or others.

When it comes to websites, custom designs also take the greatest amount of time and interaction with the person or department requesting the website to be built. Throughout the years we have designed websites only about 10% of our client base has asked for a custom design however the end results can be greatly rewarding for those needing application specific processing or heightened security in cases of financial banking or personal I.D. containing websites.

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Getting Started:

After initial contact with us we start gathering basic information on your business or personal needs regarding a website. We most likely will email a list of questions which will help us build a picture of the type of website template/custom platform that will best fit your needs.

After you decide on the template or custom submitted design you like best, we will send you a payment request (if prepay) which will cover the website and all labor costs associated with your website installation. Along with the bill will be an itemized list of all work being performed and fees.

After we have the website installed and your data uploaded we will submit a request to have you review the work. From here built a list of things you want changed, removed or added and email it to us at which point the changes are made. We continue this process until all desired changes have been made to your specifications.

After we are sure everything is in working order and you approve, we email you easy to use documents which detail any relevant web management information you will need. In the case of websites with a blog, the documents will give you the steps needed to add to the blog and make adjustments as needed. For online store websites, the documents detail how to upload new products and set pricing along with your payment gateways.

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Our Designs:

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Questions & Answers:

Yes website templates are complete functioning websites so you do not need a website already in order to use a template. They offer the back end work already completed which saves time and money on the overall project.

We will need to know the type of business you run, access to your website host provider to upload the website and any images and content you want added to the website. If you do not have some of these things, not a problem, let us know and we can work with you to get any required information ready for your new website.

We offer payments made by PayPal and bank to bank transfers. If you would like to use a credit card to pay, you can use PayPal which will not require you having a PayPal account to do so.

No, we work on the website template on our servers and then once everything is complete we will upload it onto your server at which point your website will change from the old site to the new. The change from old to new website takes only a matter of minutes for most websites so there will be no major impact to your clients or website traffic.

If you currently have no website or host we are able to offer hosting plans and domain names and will walk you through the steps needed to set this up. Please see our domain names & hosting page for additional information.

Yes at any time you can change the website to a new template however additional charges apply. For websites such as WordPress sites, you can change the overall look and feel of the website by selecting a new theme in the administration console free of charge.

Yes, please let us know any work you wish to have performed at the time of initial contact and we will bundle a package for you at a discounted price.

Although it is possible others can buy the same template but it would be unnoticeable since each template is custom configured to the individual clients needs with their content, colors, formatting and images.

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