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Law Firm Website Design 6/2018

Here is our latest website design for a legal firm based in Orange County, California. This design incorporated a sharp coloring and formatting approach to best suit a legal profession and included in-page floating contact form, practice pages, overview pages, embedded video abilities, blogging, interactive maps, and customized slider. This design allows for practice specific…
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Services Website Design 6/2018

Arrrrg! Due to high call volume your call and this blog has been on hold for far too long and the hold music is horrible. The good news is we took a little time out of this fine and dandy Monday to post about a recent design completion. This design was for a website services…
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Website Facelift & Redesign

Website Redesign

This week we underwent a major overhaul to the website's UI interface. All high traffic pages are now more optimized and streamlined with improved content and in page design.

The areas we focused on were the website header, footer, color, animations, graphics and meta data. Some of these improvements you will be able to see on page and others are in the source code. ALL of it was a pain but well worth it!

Check it out and let us know what you think! ....unless your reading this a year from the post which point it probably has changed twice since then!

If you happen to be in the market for a website mack over, updates or facelift feel free to checkout our services pages on these topics.

In need of Website Updates or Redesign?

Website Updates Website Design

Author Website Design 1/2018

We are happy to announce another successful website design by us located at This website was built for a “wizard” of language and teacher. If you are ever looking to learn Spanish, French, Italian or Brazilian Portuguese I recommend checking her out.  
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