Many of our clients ask about website hosting and which plan or company is the best however the companies offering web hosting solutions often update both their pricing and hosting plans monthly and sometimes weekly.

Determining what hosting package you need and at what price really depends on the website, amount of expected traffic and amount of server resources you will need. With that being said, we find in 95% of cases a basic hosting package will be plenty for most website startups and will offer everything they will need.

There is also no point to over spending on your web hosting plan as most companies offer upgrade optional during contact. Much like a cell phone carrier, you can pay the additional cost per month remaining on the contact to upgrade at any time without the need to start a new contract.

When it comes to hosting companies, like any company there are the good, the bad and the ugly. The links below will offer some of the more reputable hosting companies out there however this is by no means a complete list, but it will give you a few of the better-known website hosting companies along with some detailed information on their basic hosting plans.

For those looking for a completely monitored and supported hosting solution, we offer value added hosting services on VPS hosted servers near the same cost as most self-managed hosting solutions.

Use the links below to view some of the more common website hosting companies. This website hosting guide offers information on their website, pricing, up time, domain information and monthly allowances on various aspects of hosting. Have a different hosting company in mind? Let us know so we can update our list to include it. This hosting price guide is updated regularly to ensure accurate records however links to their pricing is provided to check for the most up to date offers.


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Things you will want to consider when looking for website hosting may include:


  • The amount of storage space you will need.
  • Server operating system. (although rare, some website platforms need a specific OS.)
  • The amount of email accounts and storage allowed.
  • Website backup services.
  • CPU and memory resources allotted per account.
  • Price.
  • Do you plan to host one or more websites?
  • Do you have special hosting requirements?
  • Do you want to monitor and handle any hosting related problems yourself?