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Become an affiliate and earn $$$

Sent to your paypal account.

Ways you can earn with us

Web Design

Earn $50 to $100 USD on every website design referral you send our way. should your lead sign up and pay for our website design services, we will PayPal wire you a percentage of the profits.

Design Work

Send us refferals on digital advertisment work and recieve cash in your pocket for every successful client.


Help us publish articles by using your social media accounts and receive a percentage of the the project.

Monthly Contracts

Know of someone wanting to improve their website performance with search engines? We pay a percentage monthly for every client referral who signs up to our monthly services.

Social Media

Get paid for referrals to our social media sites and for helping out with our social media campaigns. Email us to learn more.

General Web Services

We offer a referral bonus for every project or job you send our way that is successfully paid for by the client. The total amount is based off the overall project and cost.

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"I thought of turning to the blood bank to make a little extra money but after learning about Website Wizards affiliate program I decided to give it a try and boy was I surprised! Payments are wired directly into my PayPal and from there I can spend, spend, spend."
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Margaret Hersh
"I needed new socks because of the holes in my old socks and that’s when a friend told me about Website Wizards affiliate program and decided to sign up. In about a week I had my money and best of all, new socks! - Thanks Website Wizards"
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Bradley Morris

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