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Stunning designs to capture your style and highlight your work.

SEO Optimized

Our designs incorporate the latest in search engine optimization best practices to ensure a well-represented website with search engine listing.


In today’s digital world, having a website that looks the part on mobile phones can make the difference between success and falling short. We design with mobile in mind.


Utilize our image gallery designs to showcase your work with carousel, slideshow and cover flow effects to further enhance your talent.


Offer your work for sale on your website with easy to manage backend administration and simplified shopping carts, accounts and checkout via PayPal.

About Website Wizards

We offer website designs that allow photography-based professionals to both showcase and sell their work online with a crisp, innovative approach to galleries and image showcasing. Allow potential customers to sort your image collection by resolution, size, color, type and many more making it simple for them to find what they want.

Why Us?

At Website Wizards we believe in offering quality design work that meets or exceeds today’s strict coding best practices and search engine requirements standards to deliver a final project that will be well regarded for years to come.

Get Noticed

At website Wizards we start by reviewing your professional angle, business needs and future goals and incorporate this into our designs ensuring a perfect match for you, your photographs and client base. Contact us any time for a hassle-free quote and free consultation on your website project and see how affordable an eye-catching, industry current design can be.

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Special Features

Offer free download material, news letter signup forms, promotions, discounts, e-commerce web-store, contact forms and other optional features to make the most out of your website and offer the highest inviting digital atmosphere all in one affordable design package.

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Quality Integration

Blending your style, images, website design and features into one harmonious final result.

Demo A Website

View our demo websites for examples of their quality, functions and formatting abilities.

Key Features

Promote and showcase your photography work in a design specific to your needs with features built for your profession.

Image Sorting

Allow visitors to sort through your images by quality, type, coloring, size, theme and many more.


Contact Forms

Make it easy for potential customers to contact you for special photography projects or questions with integrated contact forms.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a great way to keep interested customers up to date on your photography projects, introduce specials or keep them current on you.

Image Gallery

Our photography designs allow for a wide array of ways to show off your work while offering detailed image previews.

Crisp Designs

Work with us to find a design perfect for your flavor of photographic style ensuring the website compliments both you and your work.

e-Commerce Store

Manage customer accounts, inventory, pricing and sales with our easy to manage store abilities.

Designed With You In Mind

Our automotive based designs are an ideal choice for a variety of professionals in the industry.


Advertise upcoming events, take reservations and payments all while giving viewers a gallery preview.


Allow potential clients view your photography portfolio and make reservations with a website designed around your profession.

Web Store

We develop e-commerce solutions around high-definition galleries allowing you to capture website visitor’s attention.

Mobile Responsive

Desktop to Mobile

  • Our websites automatically adjust to different screen sizes and screen rotation.

Menus & Visual Format

  • Menu and formatting changes to mobile friendly versions for website visitors on small screens.

More Information?

Learn more about Website Wizards designs, work ethic and past clients or contact us any time for a free consultation.

Photography Web Design
Getting Started

Having an industry current website with features tailored to the photography profession is an affordable and simple process when working with us. One-on-one support from start to finish.

After initial contact we will start by gathering the basic information about your website development needs. The entire process starts by listening to you, your current business model and future goals, we take all available information and utilize it while building a clear picture of the type of photography website that will best fulfill not only your current business strategy today but for years to come.

After we have a website design concept for review, we will contact you and arrange a time to perform a presentation. This can be done over phone, skype or email depending on which works best for you. The demo website will be a fully functioning website loaded with demonstration content in order to allow you to see first hand the inner workings of the website design.

After you feel confident in our photography website approach, we begin the process of loading and configuring the design work onto the hosting environment of your choice. If you do not already have hosting, please see our hosting plans which include hosting management at no additional cost.

After you begin to see your website design come to life with your content and vision in mind, you will have the confidence that our team has what it takes to meet or exceed your expectations. At this point, now that we have gained your trust, only then do we ask for a partial payment on your website development project. We believe in 110% customer satisfaction which is why we avoid upfront payments on web development services.

We continue working with you one-on-one designing and populating the desired pages of your website. During this process should you suddenly change your mind about an image or text within pages already completed, not a problem. We offer free basic rework of pages, content or overall formatting during your design project.

Nearing completion of your project we will ask for the final payment to be made however rest assured just because your paid in full, our level of quality service and response times do not drop off the map like many of our competition.

As we put the finishing touches on your website, we will arrange a time to train you on any areas of the website you will need. This is common for those wanting a blog, integration into 3rd party services such as MailChimp or 3rd party product stores and other basic API connections.

Just because your project is finished don’t mean we disappear into the sunset. We are available during standard business hours to answer questions or provide digital business strategy advice for all of our past clients free of charge.

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