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Optimizing your website for search engines such as Google or Bing will help improve where these search engines place your website on their search results pages for keywords and phrases people use when searching for websites. The higher your websites SEO score the higher on 1st page your website ends up. The closer to the top of first page for your line of service or products means a far greater number of clicks to your website and more sales.

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Our SEO Services:

With Website Wizards SEO service you can rest assured we only employ ethical SEO standards when working on customer websites. Many of our competitors will use shortcuts such as spam based link-back websites and other unnatural practices which will effectively boost your website in the short term however negatively impact your website in the long run.

We use only trusted and approved means for boosting a website sites search engine results and avoid risky practices that we ourselves wont trust with our own website. Like any company, we are out to make money however not at the cost of our reputation with our clients and future business with them.

Depending on budget, we utilize a verity of methods to bring your website up in keyword strength and as a result, climb high in search engine search results when potential customers are searching for your line of service or products.

Below is a small list of things that help gain SEO score for any website however there are many others we choose not to list to protect our formula from competition. SEO services are time intensive and thus can be slightly costly however the end result can also be a huge payoff.

Please see our SEO Guide for basic information on things you can do to help improve your SEO score.


Pricing – Pricing will depend on the website platform, content currently on the website, keywords desired, age of website and your budget. SEO services can range from under $100 to several $100s based on your desired outcome and needs.

Completion Time – Like price, the time to complete depends on the same factors however will range between 1 business day and a month to reach full completion.

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Getting Started:

Contact us to discuss your current website keyword strength along with desired goals. From there we will review your sites content, current keywords and draft a proposal for your SEO project.

After we have completed a draft of your SEO goals and what will be required we will arrange a time to discuss over the phone or via email. This project draft may include, code reworking, content development, social media outreach and link campaigns. Included will be a flat rate quote for all work we would perform along with the time frame to completion.

Upon approval and payment we will start working on your SEO campaign right away and email you updates on a daily or weekly basis depending on the project.

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Questions & Answers:

Yes your website remains up during the entire process. There is no interruption to your website, email or any other aspect to the website.

This is on a per case basis however generally speaking we need to know what keywords you are focusing on if any, the type of business services or products you offer, website login information and any non-personal social media sites you use in conjunction with your website.

We offer payments made by PayPal and TFT bank transfers. If you would like to use a credit card to pay, you can use PayPal which will not require you having a PayPal account to do so.

This depends on your website and how often search engines crawl your website. Typically within 1 week to 1 month after this service you should see a change to your keywords improvement.

Yes, before we perform any SEO work for a client we email them a detailed list of the steps we will be taking both on their website and 3rd party sites and wait for final approval before starting the work. After work is complete we email a final report detailing all work performed.

Yes however the same work would need to be performed again in regards to your website content, social media linking and link backs. It is best you figure out what keywords have the best impact for your business or feel free to ask us for assistance.

Yes all website platforms can have SEO and keyword boosts and adjustments.

Although many aspects will depend on your technical skills, generally speaking yes, there are many things you can do yourself to improve keyword strength and SEO however you will need a good deal of time and effort to get current on industry standards and practices. The (SEO Guide) is in place for those who would like to start learning more about website SEO.

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