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Website Wizards offers a complete line of updating services for websites from basic content or color changes to platform or coding updates. Contact us for by the page, complete site design change and functionality updates.

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Platform Updates:

Website platform updating is the act of applying updates to website platforms in order to patch known security holes or bugs found in them. In today’s market, many platforms have new updates released frequently which provide better security and new features to the platform.

It is highly recommended that these patches and updates are applied to your website platform in order to better protect it from threats and also provide the enhanced features. Website updates also help in the realm of SEO as search engine spiders see these changes which adds value to the website proving it is still groomed and maintained by its owner.

When contracting us to update your website platform we start by gathering basic information about your website and its platform version. After this we research the latest patches for your website and any known compatibility issues you may have with installed applets or plugins.

Once we are sure your website is compatible with the latest updates and patches we will start the process of downloading and installing them. After all updating to the website is complete we will do a full inspection to ensure there are no problems.

During testing we go through every feature of your website from blog posting, comments, user account creation, email and any other user capable options to test their functionality. Once everything checks out we will contact you with a final report on the newest version to your website along with a detailed list of what it patches.

Content Updates:

When contracting us to provide content updates such as new links, pages, buttons, coloring or font changes and sales item or service updates we start off by gathering all required information from you on the updates you want and then arrange a time to install all new updates onto your existing website.

Like with platform updating this helps improve SEO of the website as it presents new content for search engine spiders to crawl showing them the website is still active and maintained.

Website Updates
Getting Started

Professional handling of your website update project for pages, content or platform.

After initial contact we will start by gathering the basic information about your website and its platform type and version. We will also gather information on all installed plugins you currently use and if applicable, any updates your website plugins may have also.

Once we have a complete list of all updates and security patches needed for your website we will email you a quote for our services along with a full list of which updates are needed. Should you want content related updates, simply email us details on what needs to be changed and we will include that in our quote.

After approval of our platform updates or your content requested updates, we will email you a statement detailing the entire scope of the project. Once payment is made we will start working on all agreed upon updating and patching for your website.

After all updates are performed, we will initiate a check of all plugins and website functions to ensure all aspects of your website are functioning correctly.

Once all updating has been completed we will email you with a full report on all updates installed along with details on what the website patches fix. If you requested content updates or changes we will supply you with the links to verify all work performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website go offline while updates are applied?

In 95% of cases your website will be online and accessible during the update process. If for some reason there will be a need to take the website offline briefly we will notify you and arrange a time that will have the least impact to your clients and website traffic.

What will I need to provide you?

We will need access to an FTP account in order to install the required updates. Depending on the type of website you have, we may also need to access your website admin panel.

Will patches change my website content or images?

No, website updates are patches to coding within your website and not it’s content. These updates will be invisible to clients and customers to your website.

Can you check over and make other security recommendations?

Yes we are happy to advise you on other measures you can take to safeguard your website from threats.

If I find the updates problematic to other features can the updates be rolled back?

Yes in the extremely rare cases where updates are causing problems we would roll back those updates free of charge.

Can I order other services from you to add to the website like SEO work?

Yes, please let us know any work you wish to have performed at the time of initial contact and we will bundle a package for you at a discounted price. If you are having up perform a content update there is a special discount price for SEO work performed at the same time.

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