Great Website Designs for Law Firms & Attorneys

Website Designs for Law Firms & Attorneys   Why Update Your Law Firm Website? If you're an attorney chance are you spend a better share of your time and resources into advertising your law practice on 3rd party websites however by doing so, it leaves you forever in their grip for costly leads that your…
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What Is A Website Sitemap

In short, a sitemap is a file that helps both search engine robots and human visitors figure out what webpages are on a particular website and provides an easy way of accessing them. There are two types of sitemaps that are commonly used on websites today: 1: Sitemap.xml 2: Sitemap.html We will discuss the two…
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Add A Role To Facebook Business Page

We are often asked to manage a clients Facebook page however often we find that our clients are unsure on how to allow someone access is the most secure way possible and instead they send us their login credentials. Although this can work it is not the best option since your personal Facebook account must…
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