Contract Support For Websites

Monthly Website Support

Why Contract Support?

More efficient use of time.

Preventive maintenance & updating monthly.

On-call support for problems.

General SEO enhancements.

Monthly website health analysis.

About Website Support:

Contracting a company to handle the support of your website can save a good deal of time allowing you to focus on what matters most, your business. Website support contracts also ensure the site has the latest security updates which protect it from threats. With many platforms these updates come out monthly and sometimes a few times a month as new security risks are found.

If your website has a blog or online store this can also be managed under a support contract allowing us to add blog posts or store items as needed.

Contracting us to perform editing, security and maintenance of your website is an affordable approach to working on the website yourself. We offer month to month and yearly contracts which give you the freedom to handle your business and yet still have an active blog and website content which can be changed on the fly as you add new products or services to your business.

With our support contracts we also handle any website platform updates or security issues that may come up which help to keep your website secure and running smoothly. A healthy website is one that has content changes or updates regularly which helps boost overall search engine rankings and thus drive more potential clients to you.

With this service you simply email us with any new content, blogs or products you want added or removed from the website and we take care of the rest. We can make changes as you see fit, from daily, weekly or once a month and include publishing these changes to search engines online making them aware of the newest products or services that same day.

Frequently Asked Question

How many domains will be supported ?

If you would like multiple domains to be under support contract please let us know.

Will you handle the company Facebook also ?

Yes however, if you would like us to handle your business social networking websites please let us know when contacting us so we can adjust the price accordingly.

I do not have a website yet, can you provide one ?

I do not have a website yet, can you provide one?

I don't want my website managed but need changes made. Are you able to do this without a contract ?

Yes, if you only need changes made to the website once and do not wish to have monthly or yearly support, we can help.

Can I have coding changes made to the website or just content ?

Can I have coding changes made to the website or just content?

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