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Web Development Services

A crucial aspect to growing any business in the 21st century is establishing a large presence on the web in key areas proven to help locate new clients for your line of business while also promoting your company website as a reputable option for search engines when users search for businesses similar to yours.

Ensuring the appropriate profiles and listings are populated and properly configured can make a huge impact on lead generation and overall website strength with search engines. Often, we see business owners overlooking much of the web in favor of physical advertainment in phone books and other print mediums. The problem with this thinking is the massive influx of people turning to the internet to shop, find restaurants, businesses and services and this number is only growing with every year.

Getting your business properly represented on the web is a must for anyone wanting to compete in the 21st century and this only becomes more crucial for any business in its startup phase. If you are serious about getting your share of the profits found via internet markets, there has never been a better time to get started and leave your competition in the dust.

At Website Wizards, we utilize a 21st century approach to helping our clients grow their business in the digital realm from Pey-Per-Click advertisements to on-page search engine optimization and everything in between. We use strictly white hat techniques proven to grow your business/website’s exposure and increase your conversion rate from visitor to client or sale.

Expand your customer base with development services tailored around short term and long term goals.

Digital Designs

Creation and placements of digital advertisements promoting your products or services.

Support Services

Utilizing a 3rd party to maintain a fresh and continuously updated website.

Search Engine Optimization

On-page and off-page work performed to boost both your search engine listing placement but conversions as well.


PPC campaign setup and management ensuring high-yield returns while minimizing traffic costs.

Website Hosting

Website hosting services provided by us on ultra-fast, low load servers with included managed support services.

Social Media

Establishment and proper utilization of social media outlets for traffic, search placement and advertising use.

Why Web Development?

Choosing to further develop your digital exposure beyond the website design will provide you with greater returns on your initial website investment by utilizing on-page and off-page techniques to improving how you, your services, products or brand is represented online.

In a nutshell, there are two fundamental areas of focus when wanting to further develop your business and website in the digital realm as shown below.


For those unaware “traffic” or “website traffic” you can think of in terms of the internet as a road and your website as the destination with each person who accesses your website as a person on the road in a car. Each car
“website visitor” clicks to open a page on your website… This is your traffic.

Website traffic can be broken down into two categories, quality traffic and junk traffic. As you can imagine, the only traffic we, or you should care about and attempt to gain is quality traffic to your website.

Junk Web Traffic:

What we see many clients fall victim to is that they believe traffic is king and soon they are spending money with a company who promises to increase their traffic at which point they certainly do through unethical practices like spam windows, links or even computer programs that simply open your website at intervals throughout the day. They then show you, or you confirm with analytics that indeed the number of hits or traffic to your site is way up!

The problem? It didn’t actually achieve anything aside from increasing your server load and slowing down the website for genuine quality traffic. You didn’t get sales, calls or inquiries because those visitors (if human and not computer) were duped via popups, redirects or other trickery and most likely were never in the market or interested in your services, products or brand. There is no point to junk traffic.

Quality Traffic:

Quality traffic can be summed up easily as visitors to your website who access it via ads, links, 3rd party sites, social media or search results who are actively seeking for products or services identical to yours. These visitors are worth the time and effort to attract because they are looking to buy or commit to your services.

Gaining quality traffic takes time and effort to increase and this process can get into complex areas however the time and effort becomes worth it as you see your website start to gain in momentum and best yet, the traffic converts to sales or clients.


An overlooked area of web development are conversions. Gaining traffic to your website is great however if that traffic is not leading to conversions from website visitor to sales or client, then you have a problem with low conversions and an underperforming website.

This can be the result of many things from poor responsiveness on devices such as mobile phones, poorly laid out pages, poor or low content value, complicated checkout experience, poor quality images, unprofessional digital appearance, poor visitor user experience and many more. We will briefly detail the more commonly found problems we uncover.

Responsive Site:

A responsive website is a must have in today’s digital market with more and more website traffic being driven by mobile devices like phones and tablets. These smaller screen devices can easily have navigation and display problems with your website unless properly coded to detect and handle smaller screens. As a result, you can turn away 50% or more of your quality website traffic simply because your site is not presenting at its best.

Content Quality:

Content is another fault point in having successful conversion of web visitor to customer or client. Properly formatting pages with ample information on what you and your business is about along with providing high quality imaging when needed can mean the difference between a visitor just visiting or a visitor interacting with you by sale or by contact.

Image Quality:

Another area of interest when dealing with conversion ratios is picture quality. Having poorly lit images, low quality images, bad angles or not enough images of your work or product line can be a deal breaker for many internet users. It has been well documented that products sell far better online when there are ample views of the product from multiple angles. The same holds true to showcasing your professional work.


How long are your contracts for?

We do not require any contract terms. You are welcome to pay month to month and adjust your budget monthly if you prefer. We normally recommend a three to four month non-binding commitment in order to see complete results of our progress.

How long before I see results?

Results from the various areas of web development or SEO will depend on many factors such as current digital footprint, current website score, the market your attempting to reach, in some businesses like home remodeling it’s a local only market whereas an online store would be after a country or global market.

Do you offer a free analysis?

Yes, if interested in learning more about how to improve your standings online, we would offer a free basic assessment of both the website and your current outreach to free and paid 3rd party services and provide you with our recommendations.

What kind of budget should i plan for?

Budgeting partly depends on returns on investment. Where one business may make $10,000 dollars or more on one solid conversion, another business may be dealing in a dollar or two. During our free review of your digital business we will make recommendations based on all factors involved.

Do all businesses benefit from further development?

Absolutely. If the business has a need for a website in the first place or if it has a need for attracting additional clientele then it can benefit.

Do I need a certain type of website?

No, any website platform, type and design can benefit from both on-page and off-page development practices.

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