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When working with Website Wizards for your design related needs, we provide:

1: One-on-one contact between the designer and you.

2: Eye-catching advertisements.

3: Fast turnaround times from design concept to finished results.

4: Free minor design touch-ups and adjustments.

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New Designs:

Advertising design services by Website Wizards starts by gaining a complete understanding of your design needs and then working with you to put the perfect finish to every project.

We work on both in print and digital advertisement designs and offer free sample work before you buy. We also offer animation services for those wanting that extra eye-catching design for use online.

After work is complete we will email you all relevant formats of your design work along with the native file for safe keeping. We also offer website upload assistance for those needing it.

Design Rework:

Already have an advertisement that you need updated? No problem. We can update current versions of your digital ads from design overhauls to updating dates, times or product information. We handle all aspects of design updating or rework.

For design updating please be sure to locate the native file for your design since in many cases we will need this in order to complete your requests. Not sure if you have the native file still? Give us a call to discuss and we will determine if your project will need it.


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Getting Started:

We start by learning about your advertisement needs and gather any instructions you have for the design along with images or other wording related requests.

After this point we will offer you a flat rate quote on your design project. Should you agree, we will start the design process.

During this stage we will submit design outlines for you to review and make suggestions on the direction the ad will take. During this process we may send drafts of the design to you over the course of several days along with reworking it until everything is to your liking.  

After you are completely satisfied with your design we will submit an invoice for payment of the design based on the agreed upon quote.

After payment is complete we will email you all relevant designs in the needed file formats along with the original native file for safe keeping.

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Our Designs:

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Questions & Answers:

Yes, please see our logo design service for more information.

A native file is the original format the design was created in. Often this will be a .PSD extension. This is required in order to make any major adjustments to logos or images.

Yes we can make an image file out of most any formatted file.

In most cases we can removed the background from your images for a small fee.

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