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Let us optimize your website and improve your load times.

END ] — Optimization

Image Optimization

We analyze your current images to see if they are properly sized and compressed and make changes accordingly.


Thorough inspection of your current caching solution and in necessary, modifications and additions.

Defer & Minify

When possible, JavaScript and CSS will be optimized for faster page load times.

Server Environment

Adjustments, updates and configurations adjustments to PHP and hosting environment settings to improve page and code handling.

HTTP Requests

Combining and optimization of Javascript scripts.

[ Why
] if:

{ Improved SEO Results

It is no secret one of the key factors for ranking your website is speed. This is partly because of performance limitations on mobile devices and because it improves the overall user experience when visiting your site.

{ Less Bounce

Ensuring your website loads fast for visitors is a big game-changer when it comes to bounce rates on your website. The more a visitor has to wait for your page and content to load, the more likely they are to leave.

[ RESULTS ] You Can Verify

We take comparison data from key areas of your website both before and after we complete the work so you can see the results first-hand.

Report Will Cover

< Load Time >

Report will show you the before and after load times of your site.

< Page Size >

We will work to reduce the overall size of your home page and provide before and after results.

< Requests >

Before and after results on the number of requests it takes to load your site.

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