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Web Design Questions:

Yes we do, please contact us for more information and a hassle free quote.

Yes a good portion of our business comes from performing updates, upgrades and general modifications to existing websites. Please contact us with your website reworking needs.

Ideally we ask for pre-payment however we do offer to start some projects free of down payment as a sample of our skills but ask for 50% paid after a few hours of work and the remaining before project completion.

We prefer payments made via PayPal. You can use your already existing PayPal account or if you prefer, pay by credit or debt cards on their website without an account. We also accept Western Union or check by mail.

The website store is there to give customers a general pricing concept and in no way is the extent of our designing abilities. The vast majority of our business is web design to fit individual needs.

Website hosting is when you pay a monthly or yearly fee to have a company host (store your website on their server) a website. Depending on options this fee can range in price from a few dollars a month to around twenty. There are reputable companies and not so reputable. A good hosting plan will cost you between $50-$100 a year.

Yes we offer hosting for a flat $2.25 a month or you can use a hosting provider of your choice. Please see our hosting guide for more information.

In a nutshell you can think of a domain name as your unique address or identifier on the world wide web. It is what tracks your website name to a server location any place on the planet.

Domain names are all leased by the year or as many years as you would like. As the lease nears the end you will be notified to renew the domain name lease. Should you choose not to renew it, the name goes into a temporary hold however after the grace period that domain goes back into the public domain pool of open names.

All websites on the internet are leased by the company. This is a small fee for tracking and handing out domain names.

That domain name will become under lease ownership of the new lessor. There will be nothing you can do aside from trying to work with the new lessor for return ownership. It is best to ensure any domain names you want to keep remain under your leasing rights by ensuring yearly/multi-yearly domain name payments are made.

Yes we offer solutions for websites that have been compromised. Depending on severity we may recommend a re-installation of the website.

The first thing you should do is change all website related passwords and use only the highest security standard for these new passwords. Be sure to check for added accounts to Database Users, Cpanel Admin, Website Admin and FTP users.

The next step would be a full and complete scan of the computer you use to connect to your website administrative areas. From there call us.

Graphics Design Questions:

To a point yes however for major changes to images we need the native file the logos was created from.

To a point yes however for major changes to images we need the native file the image was created from.

A native file is the original format the design was created in. Often this will be a .PSD extension. This is required in order to make any major adjustments to logos or images.

In most cases we can removed the background from your images for a small fee.


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