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How To Avoid Website Developer Scams

It pains me to have to write an article like this wishing for better from humanity however over the years and endless emails and phone calls discussing this exact topic I’ve decided to write about it in the hopes I can save one or two people from becoming a victim of such trickery. As the…
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WordPress Websites – Pros & Cons

Released in 2003, WordPress was originally developed as an open source alternative for bloggers that offers feature rich and simplified abilities to write articles and manage visitor accounts and comments. Far surpassing the developer’s expectations, WordPress has grown into one of the leading platforms of choice for nearly a quarter of all content management system-based…
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Why A Quality Website and SEO in 2018?

Location! Location! Location! If you’re in your 30s or older there is no doubt you have heard this line used a time or two. It was used when regarding a successful business. “The 3 things you need to have a successful business is, Location, Location, Location!” Well those days have long since passed, now days…
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