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What Is A Website Sitemap

In short, a sitemap is a file that helps both search engine robots and human visitors figure out what webpages are on a particular website and provides an easy way of accessing them. There are two types of sitemaps that are commonly used on websites today: 1: Sitemap.xml 2: Sitemap.html We will discuss the two…
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Are backlinks good or bad for SEO?

Backlinks – Good or Bad for SEO? Before diving into this topic lets take a minute to understand what a backlink or if you prefer, in-bound link is. A backlink or in-bound link is a hyperlink from one website that points/redirects a visitor to your website. In a nutshell, you can think of a backlink…
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Why a mobile responsive website?

  Screen Size Matters! Around 15 years ago, if a website looked good on a desktop monitor a web designers job was complete. In today’s world however, this is no longer the case. With smart phones and tablets becoming popular in all age groups and more often than not, being used for web surfing and…
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